ST. LOUIS – One woman was searching for help after finding herself with a $7,000 bill from MSD.

81-year-old Margaret Starks was shocked when she received the bill and began trying to make small payments towards it. But it wasn’t enough. She later got sued with a judgement courtesy of MSD.

“I didn’t know the bill was that big, and I kept asking them and they said, ‘No, just pay,’” she said.

Starks took over property from her father to help pay for bills, which fell through the cracks when it came to MSD.

“I’ve been really running them down, trying to get it taken care of,” she said. “It’s just been a ring around the circus… it’s just gotten out of control.”

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When she hit a dead end, she called FOX 2. Bess McCoy, spokesperson for MSD, said there is a program for low-income residents that will take 50% off a total bill. To qualify for the program, the customer has to make less than two times the federal poverty limit and be 62 years old or older.

“It sounds like she’s eligible… we will cut her previous bills in half…and also get her on a payment plan to get her caught up to speed,” McCoy said.

She also says more people are eligible than those who are signed up. McCoy said there are around 30,000 people who are eligible, but only 5,000 are enrolled.

Starks is elated about the news.