ST. LOUIS – Residents of N. Broadway are pleading the city for more safety measures after a hit-and-run left a 9-year-old critically injured.

Those living in the area say speeding drivers have created an impact on them. Rosemary Ray runs a non-profit community resource center. She had the city put boulders in front of her building for protection.

Ray says drivers were doing donuts in front of her place, fearing one of them would lose control and crash into her building. The problem has only gotten worse, as someone recently crashed into the back of her car.

Her and many others are feeling desperate for some traffic-calming measures.

“We need the community to come out and get involved, that’s what we need: community action,” she said. “I would love to see the city do more.”

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Ray’s friend, Gloria Gooden, agrees.

“35 is the speed limit; everybody doing 60-65 going around you when the light is red… if there’s a stop sign, they keep straight on through,” Gooden said.

The police sent a statement to FOX 2 acknowledging the area is a focus of traffic enforcement initiatives. Pam Boyd is the Alderwoman for the area, and she has set up meetings for the community to work together.

“(The meetings are) to kind of get their views and then start bringing in planning and steets,” she said.

Mayor Tishaura Jones’ spokesperson also sent a statement, saying they will continue to take action and that throughout the next two years, the public will see “significant upgrades” to crash sites and arterial roads.

“I don’t have any other place to go… we have to make this better,” Ray said.