CLAYTON–Award-winning actress Jennifer Coolidge shopped and dined her way through St. Louis this week after receiving an honorary Doctor of Fine Arts degree at Washington University on Monday.

Coolidge made stops at boutiques such as The White Rabbit, located in Brentwood off Manchester Road. The White Rabbit specializes in vintage furniture and decorations.

Johnna Marnatti, owner of The White Rabbit, says Coolidge was shopping for vintage items to put in her older home, located in New Orleans. According to Marnatti, she purchased vintage silverware and floral stem decorations.

Marnatti recalls Coolidge being very personable and friendly during her visit to their mother-daughter owned boutique.

Coolidge also made a stop at Colleen’s in Clayton on Wednesday to grab lunch. According to the owner, Colleen Thompson, she ordered their beet salad with arugula and red beets without the cheese. Along with a matcha drink and a tonic espresso.

“She was generous with her time,” Thompson said. “She chatted with everyone.”

Treasure Aisle II at 2317 South Big Bend Blvd. was another pit stop for Coolidge.

Tommy Gibson, cashier at Treasure Aisle II said she purchased a selection of Breyer horse collectibles. Gibson also recalls Coolidge as being very nice during her visit.

Along with receiving her degree at Washington University on Monday, she gave a commencement speech encouraging graduates to get involved with issues challenging the world and chase what brings them joy.