BRENTWOOD, Mo. – The Fourth of July is almost here, and while we may want to throw the biggest party of the year, the fireworks and the noise will scare some valuable members of our families.

Like the crash of thunder during a storm, fireworks go off in a bright and sudden explosion.

While many revel in Fourth of July festivities, our pets are often taking shelter.

“They often become scared of the fireworks, the loud noises, all of the new smells,” Sarah Javier, president and CEO of the APA Adoption Center, said.

Your dogs, cats, and other pets may run for safety when the fireworks start; and they’ll keep running until they feel that the threat is over.

By the time they feel safe, they may not know where they are or how to get home.

“Unfortunately, there are times when people are never reunited with their pets, and we want to prevent that from happening as much as possible,” Javier said.

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The APA Adoption Center in Brentwood has had to deal with this many times; but this time, they have a plan.

Both APA locations in Brentwood and Olivette are giving away free, engraved, ID tags you can put on your pet’s collar.

“The hope is that they never go missing, but if they do, that ID tag will help them get home a lot more quickly,” Javier said.

When you visit the APA, all you’ll have to do is choose your favorite shape and color.
A printer then engraves your pet’s name and your phone number on it. When your pet is found, whoever finds them will have an easy way to contact you.

“We are delighted that we have had a number of people from the communities stop in at both locations and get their engraved ID tag,” she said.

Javier said the APA is bracing for 130 to 150 pets to be lost during the Fourth of July; and their shelters are already very full. You can help by visiting