ST. LOUIS – In honor of Earth Day, St. Louis artist Adrienne Outlaw has turned her family’s five-year collection of plastic trash into a compelling exhibit. Displayed in her Locust studio, the collection showcases sculptures and other art forms made entirely from discarded plastic.

Outlaw aims to highlight the global effects of plastic waste, some of which originates from the Mississippi River, after witnessing the widespread plastic pollution she saw on Southeast Asia’s beaches in 2019.

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“I really hope this work inspires people to think about their own consumption habits and their own impact on the planet. When we just toss a trash bag or a plastic bottle onto the street, we’re not only making our own city dirty but that plastic bag or bottle gets into the Mississippi river and screws up the entire planet,” said Adrienne Outlaw.

Visitors to the exhibit can also create their own art from the recycled materials.