WEST ST. LOUIS — A 17-year-old, family-owned business is broken into overnight, and the burglar managed to steal their ATM.

The co-owner of Ozell’s Kitchen and Foodmart, Bobbi White tells FOX 2 she’s devastated. The store front is smashed up and a car was also damaged when the thieves drug the ATM out the door.

Surveillance video shows this happened just before 5 a.m. this morning. Two young men in hoodies broke their way in. They put a chain around the ATM and dragged it out of the storefront.

The owner says the alarms were going off, and it took the two suspects more than 10 minutes to get away.

They have filed a police report, but this is not the first time Ozell’s has been broken into. The wife tells FOX 2 they had another break-in last July where someone tried to take their ATM but were unsuccessful.

This is a convenience store, they have a kitchen in the back and are known for their honey wings.