ST. LOUIS – Bi-State Development and Metro Transit hosted an open house for the St. Louis Metrolink Green Line project, focusing on environmental considerations and design blueprints for the $1 billion initiative.

“We have completed 15% design for engineering, and we are happy to be moving on to the next phase,” Jessica Gershman, assistant executive director of planning at Metro Transit said. “We will continue further refining our engineering and importantly, meeting a lot of federal requirements to make sure we are talking to the community and that we are evaluating all potential environmental impacts.”

The East-West Gateway Council authorized the North-South Metro Link proposal, a 5.6-mile route from Grand and Natural Bridge to Jefferson Avenue and Chippewa with ten stations. Citizens are looking forward to the new line.

“This is absolutely what St. Louis needs. We need more real transit. Cities that are built around car transit are just not the future, honestly…this rail will really help catalyze more of that,” Josiah Zimmer, resident, said.

Six presentation stations reflected the project overview, project alternatives, environmental review, transit-oriented development, zoning code updates and ways for the public to get involved.  

“There’s so much housing stock. Our concern is our property value number one. If they’re going to run this line, they need to really listen to the residents,” Robin Wright-Jones, resident and former state senator, said. “They need to go underground, just like they did up Forest Park for those residents that live on Lindell.”

The Green Line’s community impact is significant. 25% of nearby households lack vehicle ownership, 10% of local workers depend on public transit, and 17% of the city’s current affordable housing units are within walking distance of the new stations.

Engineering and construction are expected to be completed by 2027, with revenue service projected for around 2030. For those who missed the presentation, a virtual session will be held on April 30. To sign up for the meeting, click here.