ST. LOUIS – Bi-State Development has been deploying a roving metal detector at random MetroLink stops for the past several months. The detector was placed at the North Hanley Station on Friday.  

Agency officials said the tactic is not about creating prosecutions, but rather keeping firearms off the system.

“We have no intention of getting involved with any type of adjudication process,” Kevin Scott, general manager of security for Bi-State Development, said.

While checking dozens of riders Friday, six individuals turned away and left. If a gun is detected, Scott said the customer will be turned away.

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“What we tend to see is people that are carrying illegal firearms tend to U-turn and don’t even approach the metal detector,” he said.

The agency plans on ordering more of the portable metal detectors in the future. Missouri and Illinois laws prohibit customers from bringing firearms on public transit.

“Bottom line is, you can’t have guns on Metro Transit,” Scott said.

Earlier in the year, we reported on some of the other security enhancements Bi-State is implementing.  

“The most important thing to me without question, relative to overall security, is the enhancement of law enforcement on our system,” Scott said.

The agency continuously looks for ways to enhance security, he added.