ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – St. Charles County Police are asking for your help tracking down a person of interest in a brazen burglary. The person is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal belongings from a single home before riding off on a scooter.

Police said it happened in broad daylight on the afternoon of Wednesday, April 17 in the Addyston Place subdivision. The department posted about it Tuesday. That post has already been shared hundreds of times.

The couple estimates the burglar got away with between $300,000-$400,000 in cash and jewelry.

Neighbor Anschdeep Thind said she was home around the time the crime took place.

“It’s kind of disbelief that it could happen in such a great neighborhood, with such great neighbors,” Thind said.

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Thind said her family knows the couple, and that they were stunned to hear they were targeted.

“The doors were all open, the garage was open, and that’s when police came. And we were kind of scared, because it happened right in front of our house,” Thind said.

FOX 2 talked to the couple on the phone but is not sharing their names or where they live for privacy during the ongoing police investigation. They did tell us the burglar “took everything,” tearing through their belongings in the process and even stealing their passports as well as the title to one of their vehicles.

Thind said she hopes whoever did this is caught soon.

“I hope that the person is found, and they get justice served,” she said.

The St. Charles County Police Department is asking anyone with information about this crime to contact Det. C. Cunningham at 636-949-7900 ext. 8125 or or call 911.