CAHOKIA HEIGHTS, Ill. – Senior citizens in Cahokia Heights say they’re seeing results after reporting of teens leaving them in fear in their neighborhood.

FOX 2 was called in to help when residents complained of teenagers stealing packages, crossing property lines and even making threats to senior citizens. The mayor vowed to take action.

“It has been a much better scenario now than it was before,” one resident, who is choosing to keep her identity private, said. “I’m happy to see that they are taking this seriously and some progress has been done…I have spoken with a couple of my neighbors and they feel a sense of relief.”

Earlier this month, Mayor Curtis McCall and Police Chief Steven Brown said they would be making changes moving forward.

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“What we’ve done so far is increase the patrols in their area and we have went door to door in that neighborhood and spoke with all the citizens,” McCall said. “We are going to put a provision in there; we are going to hold these parents accountable if their children are violating the curfew, with some kind of fine (or) civil penalty for the parents as well.”

The citizens affected say they’re feeling a lot better.

“Their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed; we are all noticing a difference and a change in our neighborhood. We hope very much that it will continue.”