ST. LOUIS – A likely once-in-a-lifetime job is up for grabs after the release of a menu item that grew to be unexpectedly popular.

The company released a new line of menu items less than two weeks ago, calling it their ‘New Era at Panera.’ The foods included were aimed at encapsulating everything their customers love the most, including soups, salads, sandwiches, and mac & cheese.

One of the items took the country by storm: the Chicken Bacon Rancher.

It’s the first time the café-style restaurant added the item, and now they’re selling out at stores across the nation, according to officials.

To aid in the unprecedented demand, Panera has posted that they’re searching for the newest position within the company, known as the Ranch Hand.

This part-time position is designed to accommodate Panera locations across the country behind the counters, in the kitchen and in the drive-thru to aid with the increased needs of the sandwich, and more specifically, ranch.

It’s stated in the job posting that the ideal candidate is a connoisseur of ranch, knows what to pair it with and is willing to try it with everything.

The only job qualifications for the position are as follows, according to the listing:

Enjoys eating Ranch in every state–and on everything

Expert ranch pairing skills

Panera Bread fanatic

Exceptional guest service experience

Ability to lasso up the love of Ranch from sea to shining sea

According to Panera, job inquiries can be sent to