CEDAR HILL, Mo. – A family was reunited with their pets following a house fire over the weekend in Cedar Hill.

According to a Cedar Hill Fire Protection District spokesperson, firefighters responded to a residential fire in the 8500 block of Lake Drive around 8 p.m. Saturday.

A passerby and several neighbors reported the fire to 911 and expressed concern for the pets inside the home.

Firefighters arrived to find smoke emanating from the eaves. Two firefighters forced their way in through the front door to locate the pets and the source of the blaze.

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Meanwhile, the Hillsboro Fire Protection District, High Ridge Fire Protection District, and Big River Ambulance District responded to help put out the fire and provide possible rescue.

The firefighters found a dog in the front hallway and passed the animal to Big River Ambulance first responders, who provided the dog with oxygen. Firefighters reentered the home and found a second dog and a cat. Both pets were brought outside and treated with oxygen.

Two cats remained missing even after firefighters extinguished the blaze. However, the homeowners arrived a short time later and were able to find the missing cats.

All of the animals are safe, but one of the dogs is being treated at a local animal hospital.