ST. LOUIS – High expectations or predicting a sophomore slump? It was hard to say how City SC would perform in its second season. But fans say so far, so good.

“I love what Klauss is doing,” City SC fan Devin Underwood said. “I love what the midfield is doing.”

City SC currently sits in the final western conference playoff spot.

“I’m pretty satisfied with how we are doing,” fan Justin Ward told FOX 2.

After that historic first season, City SC is now a third of the way through its second round of Major League Soccer. It may have been hard to predict how the team would play after finishing first last season.

“Most of the fanbase was like, ‘We’re going to look for a sophomore slump,’ but we haven’t really seen that yet,” Underwood said.

There is no slump yet and some fans are mostly positive. Several fans, including Underwood, gave City SC a letter grade of ‘B’ so far this season.

“I think we are doing fine,” Patrick Riley said. “We’ve got a good team; we just need a couple more pieces to make the puzzle work and it’ll be there and we will win the cup.”

Fans are asking for more goals, though. One player that could fulfill that wish is German superstar Marco Reus, who’s been linked with City SC, and a reunion with teammate Roman Burki.

“Having him would bring a lot more goals for sure,” Ward explained.

It may also help reaffirm St. Louis’ title as the soccer capital of America.

“If he came to St. Louis, I think he’d be really happy with the support,” Underwood said.