ST. LOUIS — An employee’s menu hack is now being served at all Lion’s Choice locations. The local restaurant chain is introducing “The Remix,” It is a new version of its classic Original Roast Beef Sandwich. The sandwich comes with Lion’s Choice signature roast beef and adds Swiss cheese, garlic aioli, and buttered Texas toast.

The concept for The Remix came from an employee’s custom order. It’s a twist on the traditional roast beef sandwich. Employees, who are familiar with the menu, often personalize their sandwiches. The pivotal moment came when an employee told CEO Fred Burmer that she preferred her roast beef on Texas Toast.

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“After I tried our roast beef on Texas Toast, I loved it so much that I brought one to Lions Choice founder Marv Gibbs and told him if I were to open Lions Choice today, this is how I would serve it. He became an instant fan, and I knew thats when we had something worth exploring” said Fred. “After that, the verdict was unanimous. The Remix was destined to be the next big move to re-invigorate the Lions Choice brand and give guests something new while never losing touch of what we do best, which is our roast beef.”

Lion’s Choice started selling the new sandwich at all locations on April 9. They may be rolling out more creative menu items in the future.