ST. LOUIS – From Singapore to Switzerland, St. Louis has joined a list of 120 other international and country-wide cities taking part in the dining and friend-finding app, Timeleft.

Every Wednesday night, five strangers are assigned a restaurant and partake in a meal together, all coordinated by the app. Over 51 St. Louisans have already signed up, according to the Timeleft website.

The restaurant and strangers are all picked by the app’s algorithm based on a personality and preference quiz. The quiz includes questions such as “Do you base decisions off of logic and facts or emotion and feelings?” and “How often do you feel lonely?”

The quiz is also specific about whether you enjoy politically incorrect humor and how important spirituality is to you.

Before the end of the quiz, preferences on the type of meal and budget are asked, such as whether the meal should include meat, fish, vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free options. The restaurants picked will be selected to match your budget.

Once an account is made, a seat is immediately assigned to a table based on its algorithm. In order to take part in the dinner, a ticket is required, whether with a membership starting at $26 or the purchase of one ticket for only $16.

The price of the ticket includes the Timeleft application, restaurant reservations, access to the algorithm, a game during dinner and a few other features. The price of dinner is not included but will be split amongst the five attendees.

A place at the table is offered every Wednesday, with some Wednesdays reserved for subscribers only.

The Tuesday before the dinner, attendees are given a hint about who they will be dining with. The next morning, the restaurant’s address will be revealed.

Restaurants are different every single Wednesday and are picked if they have a 4.3 or higher rating on Google reviews. When Timeleft partners with a restaurant in St. Louis, they also look at whether the restaurant “vibrates online,” shares their passion on Instagram, and has an engaged community, according to the Timeleft website.

The Timeleft app was created by French entrepreneur Maxime Barbier, who released the app in 2020.

The overall mission of the app is to “fight big-city loneliness” and to “create opportunities for the magic of chance encounters.” The meaning behind the app’s name, according to the app, is about “conversations you would have missed” and “the people you wouldn’t have met” with the time left in life.