ST. LOUIS — A man accused of a violent 1992 St. Louis County rape is now under arrest. Stacy Pollock was recently taken into police custody in Oklahoma City. The suspect was identified through DNA analysis. He may face lifetime supervision if convicted of the felony.

Court documents state that Pollock threatened the victim with a knife on September 17, 1992. He tied a purple bandana around her face and bound her hands and feet with rope. The knife was then used to cut the victim’s clothes off.

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St. Louis County Police say that the suspect was just placed under arrest in Oklahoma. The crime happened 31-years ago.

It is not clear how police were able to match the DNA from the crime scene with the suspect. Other cold case crimes have been solved with tactics like matching DNA through ancestry home testing kits. That may or may not be the case here.

More details about this case are expected to be revealed later this morning. Check this story for the latest updates.