ST. LOUIS — A St. Louis child named Zara Daugherty, is an eight-year-old author who recently published her book, “Broken Promise.”  Zara and her mother, Mia, shared insights into the inspiration behind the book and the young author’s journey from therapy to being a published author. 

Zara Daugherty

Zara’s book is more than just a story; it’s a glimpse into her own life. It is inspired by true events, “Broken Promise” is a book that explains how Zara coped with disappointment and anger when her father failed to pick her up as promised.  

She used her own therapeutic journey to offer fellow children tools to manage their emotions in healthy ways. 

“I wanted to show kids how to push out their anger in a healthy way by using tools,” Zara said.

Her experience in therapy provided her with the necessary guidance to navigate through challenging emotions, leading her to publish the book.

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The story revolves around Zara’s journey of turning disappointment into a memorable day at the carnival with her mother, grandfather, and uncle. Zara used what she learned in therapy to find the silver lining in any situation. The book reflects how she coped with these feelings from her viewpoint.  

Zara has done public readings, such as visiting Clayton Middle School, to read her story to sixth, seventh, and eighth graders.  Her book is for audiences of all ages. 

Zara and Ozzie Smith.

Zara’s accomplishments don’t end there. She is a two-time National Junior Olympian in track and field, a basketball player at the Boys and Girls Club, and a baseball player for Redbird Rookies.  

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Looking ahead, Zara is already thinking about her next book, which will focus on her bond with her younger sibling and the lessons of empathy and support. 

Zara’s hopes her story can inspire and uplift others. Her book is available on Amazon.