ST. LOUIS – Residents in the Shaw neighborhood are on edge after a wave of car break-ins hit their community. Police have since placed a surveillance camera in the area.

“Is that going to deter anything? I don’t really believe so. Actually, what I believe is now we are being responsive to the behavior of criminals when in fact we should’ve probably prepared for something like this,” Deandress Green, victim of a car break-in, said.

On May 31, three separate reports of vehicle break-ins were made in the 4100 and 4200 blocks of Shenandoah Ave. That same day, officers responded to four car break-ins on Castleman Avenue.

Just days later, on June 2, additional break-ins were reported on Magnolia Avenue, Klemm Street, and at the intersection of Thurman and Cleveland Avenues. Police released video Wednesday of one of the numerous incidents.

Residents emotions are running high.

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“People are really upset…it’s like, okay, well, we better clean it up. Let’s start sweeping around, you know,” Michael McGuire, resident, said. 

Green told FOX 2 that the week prior, her car was broken into and now her rental has been broken into. She did not see police but they left business cards on their cars for residents to  email about the break-ins.

“I sent an email like I was asked to do. I’ve called and called. I have asked my neighbors as well, because we’re all checking in with each other. We’re kind of being a bit vigilant for the neighborhood too. And nothing; I have not heard back from anything, from anybody,” Green said.

She says she would like to see more lightning on Magnolia Avenue.

We reached out to St. Louis Metropolitan Police concerning the matter and they referred us to their statement given on social media stating, “SLMPD detectives are investigating these incidents. If you have any information about the incidents, home surveillance video or doorbell camera video that may capture possible suspects, please contact South Patrol Division Station at (314) 444-0100.”