ST. LOUIS – Missouri is known for its famous caves and mines. For those interested in exploring Missouri’s underground wonders, here are some top-rated attractions.

Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail holds a 4.8-star rating on Google with 3.7K reviews. This tour, located on a golf course, follows a manmade trail offering views of rock formations, waterfalls, and Table Rock Lake.

Elephant Rocks State Park, located in Belleview, Missouri, is rated 4.8 stars by Google users, with 3.5k people rating this location. This geologic reserve and recreation area is named after a row of large granite boulders that resemble a train of elephants.

Rock Bridge Memorial State Park, located in Columbia, Missouri, also boasts a 4.8-star rating with 1.5K reviews. Known for its extensive cave system, sinkholes, and spring, it features an underground stream at the Devil’s Icebox.

Onondaga Cave State Park, located in Crawford County, Missouri, is a massive cave system offering guided tours. With 4.8 stars and 1.2K reviews on Google, visitors can explore stalagmites, dripping stalactites, and active cave formations.

Table Rock State Park, situated in Branson, Missouri, has 4.7 stars and 3.8K reviews. This natural getaway for Branson’s tourists offers water attractions, hiking and biking trails, paved and mountain biking trails, and camping locations. It is particularly known for a rock shelf standing high above the White River about 1 mile downstream from the dam site.

Talking Rocks Cavern, another tourist attraction in Stone County, Missouri, boasts 4.7 stars with 2K reviews. This deep cave is filled with crystal formations and offers guided tours, gift shops, and other family activities.

Other notable rock formations in Missouri, as found in Google searches, include:

Rockpile Mountain Wilderness in Madison County, Missouri.

Rocky Falls in Winona, Missouri.

Haunted Ridge Rocks in Cadet, Missouri.

Caster River Shut-Ins in Fredericktown, Missouri.

Sheffler Rock Shop in Kahokia, Missouri.

Hughes Mountain Natural Area in Irondale, Missouri.

Pickle Springs Natural Area in New Offenburg, Missouri.