MISSOURI – A fake Amazon van spotted in Missouri earlier this year recently helped authorities tackle an illegal drug operation in Oklahoma.

Agents with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics conducted a raid Monday at Bright Stones LLC in Lindsey, Oklahoma.

OBN claims the van and business were linked to a “straw ownership” scheme and deceptive practices in marijuana sales.

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The investigation dates back to January 2024, when police stopped a bogus Amazon van for several traffic violations after entering Missouri from Oklahoma. Investigators later searched the van and found 246 pounds of packaged marijuana, which was allegedly transported from Lindsey, Oklahoma.

“OBN began an investigation into this black-market shipment and discovered Bright Stones LLC had obtained its license by fraud,” said OBN spokesperson Mark Woodward via a news release. “The main target of this investigation [Bright Stones LLC] has been linked to several other illegal marijuana operations in Oklahoma.”

During Monday’s raid, agents seized more than 9,000 marijuana plants and 200 pounds of processed marijuana. It’s unclear how many arrests were made or are pending in this investigation.

OBN says its Marijuana Enforcement Team has shut down more than 3,000 marijuana grows, arrested 300 people, and seized over one million pounds of marijuana related to fraudulent licensing and black-market operations since 2021.

As for Missouri, one cannot legally cross state lines with out-of-state marijuana purchases, even if purchased legally.