DE SOTO, Mo. – A missing mother from De Soto, Missouri, was last seen on April 12, 2024, and reported missing on May 20, 2024. Emily Strite is described as five feet, five inches tall, and 127 pounds.

She was last seen leaving without any transportation, and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office believes she left of her own free will. Emily Strite’s mother, Charlyn McClain, reported her missing.

“Emily was last seen on April 12th and it was very unusual for her not to be in contact with my mom, which is why my mother ended up reporting her missing on April 20th,” said Emily’s sister, Jess Strite. “Emily was in and out of an abusive relationship for most of her adult life with her younger three children’s father.”

Jess mentioned that her sister was not actively in a relationship with the father of her children at the time she went missing, but she was in contact with him. The father of three of Emily’s children lives in Illinois. At the time of her disappearance, Emily was staying around De Soto.

“It is speculated that he was the last person she made contact with when she left on the 12th. She had been staying with someone she met in the DeSoto area prior to her choosing to leave, but from what we know, she was headed back to Illinois to see her ex and kids,” Jess said.

Emily just turned 34 on May 30th and has four children ranging in age from three to 17 years old. Jess noted that Emily wouldn’t normally miss their mother’s birthday, on May 6th, Mother’s Day, or her own birthday.

“She is a fighter and resilient, and I’ve never known her to be someone who backs down or stays quiet. She absolutely was never shy about anything. So her silence is incredibly concerning and is what prompted my mother to report her missing,” said Jess. “Please come home, or at least call, something, anything to let us know she’s okay, if she’s okay.”

Emily’s mother, her sister, and her father, James Strite, are all asking the public to report any information or whereabouts they have about Emily to the local police.

Anyone with information on Strite’s whereabouts is asked to contact Detective Weinrich at 636-797-5093 or by email at

Friends and family have launched a Facebook group called ‘Help Find Emily Strite’ in hopes of locating her. The latest update from the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office indicates that they have followed numerous leads and conducted interviews, but none have led to her whereabouts as of now.