ST. LOUIS – A hearing to reverse a 33-year-old murder ruling played out in court Tuesday on the first day of Christopher Dunn’s motion to vacate. The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office argued Dunn’s innocence against the State Attorney General’s Office.

The defense argued the original trial in 1991 relied heavily on two witnesses who were with 15-year-old Ricco Rodgers during a deadly shooting in north St. Louis. Those two witnesses at the time were 12-year-old Michael Davis Jr. and 14-year-old DeMorris Stepp.

“Demorris and Michael Davis testify in front of a grand jury, Michael Davis testifies at Christopher Dunn’s original criminal trial about the shooting, about ID’ing Dunn as the shooter, and does so again in court. Demorris also testifies at Christopher Dunn’s trial and ID’s Dunn who shot at him and his friends, killing Ricco Rodgers,” Assistant Attorney General Tristin Estepsaid during opening statements.

Both Stepp and Davis recanted their testimonies years later. The judge heard from another witness in the courtroom Tuesday. Another key point the defense presented is Dunn’s alibi, which they said was not presented in the original trial.

“Meanwhile, a few blocks away, Christopher Dunn was at his mother’s house hanging out and talking on the phone. His mother and sister will testify that he was there with them, talking on the phone while the family was watching one of their favorite TV programs,” Booker Shaw said during the defense’s opening statement.

Tuesday was the first day of the hearing, which is expected to last two more days.