(WJET/WFXP) — The World Health Organization (WHO) created a first-of-its-kind clinical treatment guideline for those who want to quit tobacco.

On July 2, WHO announced the release of their “clinical treatment guideline for tobacco cessation in adults,” a comprehensive PDF that aims to help adults combat their tobacco addiction.

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The free guide spans over 50 pages and details aspects of tobacco cessation, such as finding behavioral support and treatment recommendations, both in person and online.

WHO’s Director of Health Promotions Dr Rüdiger Krech spoke on how difficult combatting a tobacco addiction can be.

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He emphasized how crucial a guideline like this could be for not just individuals, but people as a collective.

“The immense struggle that people face when trying to quit smoking cannot be overstated,” said Dr. Krech. ”These guidelines are designed to help communities and governments provide the best possible support and assistance for those on this challenging journey.”

With this guide available to the public, WHO hopes to positively impact the health of millions worldwide.