ST. LOUIS – The Mississippi River is on the rise, with some crests above the flood stage.

The Mississippi River flood stage is 30 feet, and at the time of the last observed, it was just shy of 26 feet. The number is expected to climb through the week, likely rising past the flood stage by Thursday.

A flood warning will go into effect late Tuesday night through early Sunday morning for the Mississippi River in St. Louis, as well as areas upstream and downstream.

“We’re expecting conditions to rise and then initiate actions per our waterway action plan…to ensure that we take all the actions that we can to mitigate conditions and protect mariners,” LCDR. Sarah Rodino with the United States Coast Guard said.

The Coast Guard keeps a watchful eye on water levels and works in conjunction with the Army Corp of Engineers to take further action. They warn recreational users and mariners to stay off the water due to large amounts of debris floating in the river.

“If you’re a recreational boater, you should especially take caution…make sure you have a life jacket and stay off the river if you can,” Rodino said. “We would encourage anybody who has a boat tied up on the river right now to make sure it’s properly secured so it’s not broken away during these conditions.”

While the drought has come to an end in St. Louis, Gov. Mike Parson has extended the drought alert in Missouri. Dry to moderate drought conditions are still present in Jefferson County and southward.

Until Missouri groundwater and streamflow conditions improve, this drought alert will be extended through Sept. 1.