ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – A parkgoer’s act of kindness helped with the rescue of one turtle caught on a hook and fishing line in St. Charles County.

A Good Samaritan visited Veterans Tribute Park earlier this week and noticed a turtle stuck in a troubling situation. The turtle’s mouth was caught in a fishing hook, and it also had a fishing line wrapped around one of its legs.

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The parkgoer was able to walk up to the turtle in a lake and untangle the fishing line around its leg. However, the parkgoer did not have tools to remove the fishing hook, and promptly contacted park staff to assist the turtle.

Maintenance staff for St. Charles County Parks responded to the scene and carefully removed the hook from the turtle’s mouth.

Photo courtesy: St. Charles County Parks/Facebook

“With the help of the good Samaritan holding the turtle, park staff removed the hook and released the turtle back into the lake!,” said St. Charles County Parks via a Facebook post.

The Good Samaritan was not identified, but one apparent witness said in the Facebook post, “The man that found him did a great job recognizing the turtle was in distress and it was great the maintenance crew was there with tools to help! So glad for a happy ending!”

If you encounter a situation like this, it’s best to inform a parks employee or specialist, though the Canadian Wildlife Federation also offers feedback in dealing with hooked turtles.