GRANITE CITY, Mo. – A veteran whose uniforms were soaked by raw sewage in Granite City is receiving help from the city, including from Mayor Mike Parkinson.

Joshua Velazquez is proud of the uniforms he wore in Afghanistan. He brought them home and safely stored them in his basement, or so he thought.

A sewer backup caused by the system that was once owned by the city but is now under Illinois American Water soaked Velazquez’s uniforms in raw sewage. The veteran called FOX 2 for help when he was left unsure of what to do.

FOX 2 reached out to Parkinson, who relayed the incident to a Granite City cleaning company, which cleaned the uniforms for free.

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Velazquez says he is beyond pleased with the mayor’s action and feels that his city cares for its veterans and citizens.

Mayor Parkinson says he was a police officer and knows the pride that goes into the uniform, so he knew he had to help.

We contacted Illinois American Water to see what is going to be done to reduce the likelihood of more sewer backups.