HILLSDALE, Mo. – Hillsdale’s Ashley Neal and her family picked up trash Tuesday that has been piling up on her sidewalk for weeks.

“I’m out here with my bags and my gloves to get this trash together, to make our community look a little bit better,” Neal explained.

It’s not a job Neal would typically be doing, but she is anyway due to a faulty garbage truck that has not been picked up in three weeks.

“It’s been out here three weeks; it’s just ridiculous,” Neal said.

Hillsdale Police Captain Herb Simmons told FOX 2 the village has already spent about $8,000 trying to fix the truck but services keep getting delayed as more problems with the truck are found.

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Simmons is pleading with residents to “please give us time.” Hillsdale only uses one garbage truck for its 2,000 residents, who pay $20 a month for garbage services.

Neighbors are still frustrated, though.

“It’s taking too long to get a truck,” resident April Logan told FOX 2.

Simmons does have a backup plan ready to go.

“We’ve been in contact with Hillsdale demolition,” Simmons said. “They have a large dumpster to help; that’s a last resort.”

Simmons explained that if the truck is not back in service this week, residents can expect to see that backup plan in action.