PACIFIC, Mo. – Neighbors in Pacific say recent rains have led to their basements once again being flooded with sewer water.

They said it all started about a week ago, early on the morning of July 4. Heavy rains overnight that night—and then again on Tuesday—left some with flooded basements from backed-up sewage, damaging their belongings and leaving an odor behind.

Neighbors say they’re frustrated by the city’s lack of response and feel helpless. Blake Poertner said he’s worried about how the standing water could impact his family’s health. He was forced to remove all of the water-damaged items and place them on the street.

“I’d like to load all of this up and send it to city hall and drop it on their porch,” Poertner said. “When the government sees a crisis, that’s when they should step in and help.”

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Carol Minton’s basement still hasn’t fully drained. She said it has flooded multiple times, to the point where her insurance stopped covering sewer backups.

“I’m 75 years old, and I’m working so I can afford all of this,” Minton said. “That’s not right.”

Mayor of Pacific Heather Filley provided FOX 2 with the following statement:

“The city is working as diligently as possible with all those directly impacted by sewer backups. Our insurance company has received claims and will be assessing and handling them individually.”

Minton said that’s not good enough.

“They need to redo the sewer system down here. It’s not big enough,” Minton said. “Something’s got to be done.” 

Neighbors say they were told the city is going to bring a dumpster Thursday, allowing neighbors to throw out their water-damaged items.