ST. LOUIS – Nestled in downtown St. Louis, Hot Pizza Cold Beer offers a blend of nostalgia and innovation. In just two months, this unique spot has quickly made its mark on the local food scene.

Hot Pizza Cold Beer’s Saturday special of prosciutto and fig jam pizza. Photo by Liz Dowell

“We primarily use social media, especially Instagram, for promotion,” general manager Gabe Alvarado said.

Situated near the Convention Center, Hot Pizza Cold Beer enjoys a steady flow of customers, especially during events.

The name Hot Pizza Cold Beer is both catchy and straightforward, fitting the retro theme. “They wanted something different and fun,” Alvarado said. “Like a classic pizzeria meets 80s nostalgia.”

The décor features retro movie posters and arcade machines like Pac-Man and Street Fighter, evoking memories of childhood pizzerias. Customers can grab a slice of pizza and a cold beer at the counter, a rarity in modern pizzerias.

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What truly distinguishes Hot Pizza Cold Beer is its menu. Offering New York-style pizza with unique twists, such as their popular Franciosi pizza with mozzarella sticks and hot honey drizzle, they aim to deliver an unmatched pizza experience in St. Louis. They also have a giant slice of pizza called the P.I.M.P., aka Pizza is My Passion.

Photo by Hot Pizza Cold BeerPhoto by Hot Pizza Cold BeerPhoto by Hot Pizza Cold BeerPhoto by Liz DowellPhoto by Liz DowellPhoto by Liz Dowell

Their beer selection is equally impressive, boasting 22 taps and a menu of layered beers. Daily specials range from Doritos Taco pizza to prosciutto and fig jam pizza.

Behind the scenes, Alvarado’s brother, Dave Molina, serves as the head chef and the mastermind behind their creative specials.

“He also drives all the specials at Sugar Fire, which are unique,” Alvarado said.