ST. LOUIS – Most are familiar with the term “food deserts,” referring to areas without easy access to grocery stores or nutritional food options. Now, one pharmacy startup aims to help residents living in the “pharmacy deserts” located in St. Louis.

A pharmaceutical desert is an area without pharmacies within a radius of half a mile to a mile where residents have limited access to transportation, according to GreaterHealth Pharmacy and Wellness.

The startup says there are 45,000 St. Louisans living in a pharmacy desert.

GreaterHealth Pharmacy and Wellness claims to be the only Black-owned pharmacy in Missouri and has adopted a new method to help bridge the gap between residences and access to pharmaceutical needs.

By combining the functioning Walgreens and Amazon, the startup provides free delivery service and telehealth offerings that cover the greater St. Louis metropolitan area.

St. Louis residents living in a pharmacy desert can join the pharmacy and receive services at home after calling the pharmacy.

GreaterHealth Pharmacy and Wellness says that with the closure of major pharmacy chains like Ride Aid and Walgreens, pharmacy deserts in minority communities are more common.

The company has partnered with SSM Health Express Clinic to offer free delivery of medication, over-the-counter products, and even fruits and vegetables to St. Louis locals.

They also benefit residents with Medicaid coverage and can provide virtual telehealth services for medication education, health screenings, and putting residents in contact with healthcare providers.