ST. CHARLES, Mo. – As people started packing the cobblestone roads of Main Street St. Charles this Mother’s Day, we met a unique family looking for a place to sit down and have breakfast.

“When we get time together, we like to come down here,” Amy Bahr said.

“my Bahr has three kids and four grandkids. Her daughter, Nikki Thomas, now has two-year-old Paisley and four-year-old Harlee. For them, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating this full circle experience.

“It’s amazing,” Thomas said. “We come from such a big family, and so we’re all really close. It’s really nice to be able to finally experience this with my own mom.”

So many people were out enjoying the beautiful weather. Heather and Chris Aholt rode their bikes eight miles in from the Katy Trail and got a cup of coffee and a bite to eat. Heather is a mother of two and told FOX 2 she was feeling extra sentimental this year.

“{Chris} is laughing because I was already crying on the way here,” she said. “I’m just excited for our oldest to come home. We are just very grateful. We were saying this morning, this is so embarrassing, but walking the dogs – just we didn’t know how exciting this time of life would be. You know, like the adult child who’s 20 and a grown adult. He doesn’t seem like an adult, you know, and the 13-year-old that’s a teenager, he seems like he’s feeling himself out and it’s just fun.”

Andy Powers was looking for a last-minute gift.

“I’m gonna go to Grandma’s Cookies,” Powers said. “It’s a place that my mom used to take me like all the time when I was a kid. And it just has a lot of good memories, and you get these giant ice cream scoop cookies, like there’s nothing better than that. So, and they have like a bunch of different flavors. So that’s what I’m gonna try to get.”

Of course, Mother’s Day isn’t just about the flowers and gifts; but recognizing the strength, love, and selflessness of the women who impact our lives and make them special.

“Mother’s Day means everything to me,” Tammy Williams said. “When my kids drop everything and they come and spend time with me and just, we get to love on each other and catch up with each other. It just means the world to me.”

Williams also wanted to wish her mother, who lives in Illinois, a Happy Mother’s Day as well.