ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Several people, including a police officer, were injured Saturday during an event involving hundreds of people and cars that’s being called a sideshow. As of Sunday evening, one of the people injured remains in critical condition, one man faces charges, and the Major Case Squad is investigating.

Police confirm the event started in Bridgeton on Saturday night, when hundreds of people flooded an industrial area there. Officers responded after getting reports of around 100 cars driving recklessly in that area. They said when they got there, gunfire erupted.

Five people were injured as a result, one of whom was in critical condition. The Major Case Squad is now investigating the incident.

Police said the sideshow then relocated to New Halls Ferry Road near Interstate 270. The group shut down a portion of the road. A QuikTrip employee tells FOX 2 it also forced them to close the shop for 45 minutes.

Police said an officer was injured after being pinned between two cars while trying to arrest a man driving a blue Dodge Charger, who they said was driving recklessly without plates. The officer is expected to be okay.

That driver, identified as Antwon Hunter, 25, faces multiple charges and is being held on a $500,000 cash-only bond.

People in the area tell FOX 2 they want to see police shut events like these down before they get out-of-hand. Don Amick grew up in the area and is concerned about what could happen to young people in these kinds of situations.

“It’s got to stop. It could get worse, and as time goes on, there are going to be people that are going to get hurt,” Amick said. “We’re going to see more of this activity, I do believe.”

People advertising for the sideshow on social media posted again Sunday, asking people to stop by a car show and block party off North Broadway in Baden.

It was a much different scene at Lovie’s Ice Cream & Eatery Sunday. The family-friendly block party supporting black-owned businesses featured drinks, food, and collaboration.
Emilia Robertson, owner of Shots by Emilia, said the organizers of the sideshow had no affiliation with their event.

“I don’t even know what a slide show is,” Robertson said.

Robertson, a Black business owner herself, said events like these can make a positive impact in the community.

“I love to support any small business, or any brick-and-mortar business, as they are pouring back into the African American communities,” she said.

Roberson’s assistant, Tionna Scott, a St. Louis native, said she feels it’s time the community comes together to promote peace.

“When we can bring everybody together as one, it’s big. No matter how small or big the event is, it’s a big thing,” Scott said.

Anyone with information about the shootings that occurred during Saturday night’s events is asked to contact police right away.