BOWLING GREEN, Mo. – Two men from Belleville and Cahokia Heights in Illinois are accused of stealing more than $80,000 in merchandise from more than 20 Walmart stores in Missouri and Illinois.

According to the Bowling Green Police Department’s probable cause statement, the most recent theft took place on the evening of April 6 at a local Walmart.

Police met with store employees, who said two men came into the store with a shopping cart and broke a case containing PlayStation 5 consoles, took the consoles, and ran out through the fire door.

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Investigators reviewed store surveillance footage, which showed the men steal eight PlayStation 5 consoles from the damaged case, 10 controllers from a shelving unit, as well as three gaming headsets. Exterior security cameras showed the men loading the stolen merchandise into a Mazda CX5 and driving off the parking lot.

Police claim retail theft security software helped them identify the suspects as Malcom J. Beal and R’Mond D. Hickman. Walmart representatives allege the men have committed similar thefts at other stores.

The Pike County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged both Beal and Hickman with first-degree burglary, stealing, first-degree property, and first-degree trespassing.