SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (WMBD) — The Illinois Secretary of State Alexi Giannoulias announced a new mobile unit will bring the office’s services to you.

According to Giannoulias, the first electric-powered mobile DMV will launch later this month in Chicago, with three more coming later this summer that will hold events around the state.

“Since taking office, it’s been our mission to make it easier and more convenient for Illinois residents to access government services without having to wait or travel to a DMV facility,” Giannoulias said. “Our DMV on Wheels program will build on the success of our digital programs, saving time by offering efficient ways to do things like renew your driver’s license or get a vehicle sticker without leaving their communities.”

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At the mobile DMV, Illinois residents will be able to renew their driver’s license, state ID or Temporary Visitor Driver’s License, renew their vehicle registration, purchase a vehicle sticker, apply for a REAL ID, apply for a replacement or corrected driver’s license or state ID, join the Illinois Organ and Tissue Donor Registry or register to vote.

The mobile DMVs will drastically reduce the time needed to set up compared to other pop-up DMVs at off-site events. The Illinois Secretary of State’s Office also plans to work with municipalities and other organizations to help get the word out to promote interest in Mobile DMV events.

Giannoulias also said that the Mobile DMVs can be dispatched if the traditional DMVs experience unforeseen temporary closures.