ST. LOUIS – Busch Stadium still sits at 700 Clark Ave. and the Cardinals still take the field 81 times during the regular season, but something is different during game days.

It’s empty. Well not exactly, the Cardinals still average about 37,000 fans a game which is still good enough for top six in the MLB, but it is 3,000 fewer fans than last year.

“Nobody is happy,” Cardinals fan Adam Huffstutler told Fox 2 Monday.

It may be safe to assume some fans are boycotting Cardinals home games due to the poor on-field product this season and the historically low attendance numbers.

The idea of a potential boycott was brought to the attention of Cardinals executive Bill Dewitt III in a recent interview with FOX 2 Sports Director Martin Kilcoyne, which he laughed off.

“The thing I chuckle about is when I see sometimes comments (like), ‘Well, we got to not show up to send a message that this isn’t acceptable to the owners,’” Dewitt said. “I find that one somewhat illogical reasoning, because we just turned this revenue machine into a payroll machine.”

Fans may not agree with Dewitt’s reasoning, but they do tell FOX 2 that boycotting may not do much for the team.

“I don’t think it’s going to move management or do anything in particular,” baseball fan Josh Pollack said.

Huffstutler, who attended the Cardinals opening weekend series against the Marlins, said it looked like a graveyard with about 37,000 fans in attendance. Despite other fans not showing, he said boycotting likely isn’t the answer.

“To boycott the games and just completely shut down the team its not going to inspire the players to play any better,” he explained. “We are supposed to be the best fans in baseball and I think we need to stick by our team and stick it out.”