ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – From south St. Louis County to Jefferson County to Washington County, isolated storm damage remains left behind from over the weekend.

Gabriella Daniel and her father, Tony, weathered the storm in Eureka.

“We were at Six Flags, and we saw these dark clouds and people said that they saw lightning. And so, we rushed to the car, went to Walmart, and a few minutes later, the lights went out, and the doors flew open, and hail started coming in, and I was really scared,” Gabriella said.

Not only did they hear loud rain and hail, but the storm also spilt trees and mangled up a trampoline and other toys in a nearby neighborhood.

“She was scared to death,” Tony said. “But I mean, I was kind of freaked out, too.”

Cedar Hill is about 15 miles from Eureka. The National Weather Service in St. Louis reports some damage, including downed trees and limbs. In fact, the Cedar Hill Fire Protection District responded to a couple trees that fell on power lines.

“Make sure that if you see power lines down, don’t drive over them,” Capt. David Tegg said. “They could still be energized. The best thing to do would be back away from those, turn around in a safe spot (and) head back away.”

Richard and Melissa Wrozier are longtime residents of Jefferson County. The downed utility pole at Ridge Road off Russell Lane left them without power for two hours.

“Everything’s full of water,” Melissa said. “We got limbs down over by the horse pasture, lawn chairs over trash cans.”

They are most grateful that their small farm animals are safe. They have goats, chickens, dogs, cats, bunnies, a chinchilla, and two miniature horses.

“The dogs we had already put in the house, so they were fine,” she said. “And the minis were in the yard ’cause we didn’t know this was gonna happen. I saw it coming, but I didn’t think it was gonna hit like it did. And when it hit, the minis were in the yard and that’s where it got a little dicey.”

An hour from there, south of Caledonia in Washington County, FOX 2 viewer James Prater sent in images of powerlines in the road as well.

Storms are expected again late Monday night into early Tuesday. You can always track them on the free FOX 2 Weather App.