KIRKWOOD, Mo — Kirkwood’s city council voted unanimously Thursday night to pass a resolution calling on St. Louis County officials to lower the speed limit to 30 miles per hour along a roughly two-mile stretch of busy Big Bend Boulevard. It comes after a woman was struck and killed at Big Bend and South Geyer last month.

The stretch goes from Big Bend and I-270 to I-44. The speed limits range along that stretch, from 30 miles per hour to 35 to 40. The council is calling for more uniformity. Residents say, while they don’t think a lowered speed limit will stop people from speeding, anything is better than nothing.

Kirkwood resident Ryleigh Grommet lives down the street from the intersection.

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“It’s a straight stretch, and people get going pretty quick. There’s not a ton of lights on it, so you can, which is not a good thing,” she said.

Grommet thinks added signage could be even more effective than lowering the speed limit.

“I don’t know how much of a difference it would make, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt. People will probably still speed. But maybe lowering the speed limit or even having more signs. Having more signs at this intersection for sure would be helpful.”

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Other residents tell us the intersection is complicated for those not familiar with it, as it includes back-to-back lights, a few signs, and a railroad crossing.

Kirkwood resident Rick Conaway says he thinks the railroad crossing sparks much of the speeding.

“I’ve seen people driving that fast through here. And it’s my opinion they’re doing it because they know it’s an intersection with a train track, and they want to get through,” Conaway said.

Conaway says he’d like to see Kirkwood Police patrol the intersection more frequently.

Both residents say while they aren’t sure this resolution will do much since it’s a county road, they give Kirkwood officials an ‘A’ for effort.

“To know that this is something that’s being discussed and that they’re taking initiative is nice,” Grommet added.