CREVE COEUR, Mo. – After 60 years of providing kosher food and groceries to the St. Louis area, Kohn’s Kosher Meat & Deli closed its doors until further notice.

Kohn’s announced the closure on Tuesday. The deli says it was known as the only restaurant and deli in St. Louis to provide kosher goods.

The deli said in a statement that Vaad Hoeir also known as the certifier of kosher products, had been distressed about the situation that led to the closure and recognized the need for kosher products in St. Louis.

The statement also said “numerous practical and legal issues need to be sorted” with parties involved with Kohn’s and its closure.

Though the deli said the closure may not be permanent, Kohn’s said it is hopeful about announcing possible “good news” early next week.

The restaurant and deli included a kosher butcher shop, deli, bakery, grocery store and catering.