ST. LOUIS — The family and friends of Jarvis McIntire, who tragically vanished and was found deceased in San Antonio, Texas, lit up the sky with lanterns Thursday night in a powerful tribute, seeking justice and closure.

“We are definitely seeking justice for him because, at the moment, they say there is no foul play. But clearly, there is. His body was actually decomposed,” said Monikki Williams-Tippet, mother of McIntire. 

Jarvis  McIntire, a 25-year-old  from Saint Louis, traveled to San Antonio on June 6th to visit family. Two days later, someone last spotted him jogging in John James Park.

“He was off; I don’t believe he was jogging in the park. If they saw him running, he was running from somebody in the park,” said Williams-Tippet. 

On June 9th,  McIntire reported to police that someone with a rifle was pursuing him, characterizing his pursuer as a racist. Despite the search, police could not locate him at the time. Police discovered his body in a nearby wooded area days later.

“We located where the vehicle came from, which is what they couldn’t seem to do. We located his personal items, which they had in their possession. I found out about a 911 call that they never released to us. It’s mind-blowing,” said Williams-Tippet. 

Thursday night, the memorial included Chinese lanterns, candles, and even double Dutch—activities McIntire loved. 

“This here. All of this is overwhelming and I’m pleased with it. I’m extremely pleased and I don’t know how to thank everyone enough,” said Williams-Tippet. 

 McIntire’s family is urging anyone with information that could help to please contact the San Antonio police department.