ST. LOUIS — With over 1,300 missing persons in Missouri, the event “Looking For An Angel: We Can’t Find Those We Can’t See” sought to raise awareness and provide support for those navigating the process.

Theda Wilson established “Looking for an Angel” in remembrance of her late child, Christian Ferguson, who tragically went missing and was murdered.

“I want people to understand what it feels like to be in this position while we have this situation; it’s an epidemic. People know about it. We shouldn’t have issues like money stopping people from getting justice,” said Theda Wilson, founder and president of Looking For An Angel. 

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She wants to give the community the help she did not receive with her son.

“Yes, that’s really how ‘Looking for an Angel’ came to be. Actually, the Shawn Horn Beck Foundation came to my aid like two days after Christian’s disappearance,” said Theda Wilson, Founder and President of Looking For An Angel. 

Families and friends of missing individuals came to share their journeys and offer mutual support to others facing this new reality. The grandmother of T’montez Hurt, a Missouri missing person who disappeared in Kansas City on February 1st, attended the event to offer her support and provide updates on her grandson’s case.

“For the first time, KCPD went out on the streets, actually looking for him, where they say that they last saw him up on 82nd. From 72n to 82nd to Truce. And they walked in vacant buildings. I heard they were using drones like in the school and the old hospital that I had and a group of us had been in before,” said Tecona Donald-Sullivan, grandmother of missing person T’Montez Hurt. 

According to the Missouri State Highway  Patrol, already this year, there are over 700 adults and over 1,8000 juveniles reported missing.

If you have a missing loved one or know someone who does and require assistance or guidance in navigating the process, please visit the Looking for An Angel website.