ST. LOUIS – A man stole thousands of dollars in coins from a pet and car wash in south county and was brazen enough to target the place again just two nights later, according to police.

According to court records, surveillance video from Pamper Your Pooch Pet and Car Wash off Watson Road captured during the early morning hours of March 19 and 21 shows Barry Mackey of Maryland Heights breaking into the businesses’ coin vaults using a tool, stealing more than $5,000 in coins.

Owner Les Buchanan said he knew something was wrong as soon as he went to check his vaults that morning.

“When I went to open the vault with a key, the vault head was already removed,” he said. “You can tell by the techniques he used that this is something he’s done before on many occasions.”

The thief used his doors to shield what he was doing from the cameras as he moved the coins into his vehicle.

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Les and his wife, Mia, said their car wash has been targeted before. Still, they said they couldn’t believe this thief hit them up again just two nights later. 

“Typically, crooks don’t come back to the scene of the crime,” Buchanan said. “We see everything that goes on in this parking lot. During the times you’re washing your car, drying your car, using our pet washers, it’s under total surveillance 24 hours a day.”

Mackey was booked into the St. Louis County jail on March 24 and transferred by Eureka Police after he targeted multiple car washes in that area. Officials tell FOX 2 he was released the next day.

Buchanan said he’d like to see our justice system come down harder on repeat offenders.

“They put the neighborhoods at risk. They put the police officers at risk. And it’s not really fair to the community,” he said.

Mackey is due in court June 18. He faces two counts of felony stealing.