FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, Ill. – Authorities say a man set his own vehicle on fire Saturday afternoon in Fairview Heights as a domestic dispute escalated.

Police arrested the suspect, though charges have not yet been formally filed.

The Fairview Heights Police Department reports that this unfolded around 2:15 p.m. Saturday in the 100 block of Durley Drive. The man previously lived at a home in the area, though police say there is a pending order of protection against him.

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Investigators say the suspect ran from his vehicle after it caught on fire. Police responded to what was initially believed to be a shots fired report in the area around that time, though that was mistaken for heat busting out windows of the vehicle.

Fairview Heights police say they used a drone to track the suspect in a different vehicle and used a pepperball launcher that led to the suspect’s arrested after he he ignored commands.

“Domestic incidents involve many emotions and can result in serious injuries or death. Smart, professional law enforcement officers, teamwork within departments, and proper use of modern de-escalation tools resulted in the best possible outcome,” said the Fairview Police Heights Department amid the investigation via Facebook.

It’s also believed the suspect was at the same location several days before when there was a suspicious fire at the home. The Illinois State Fire Marshal’s Office is investigating that fire.