ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – Authorities are asking the public for help in finding Raymond L. Allexander III, who has allegedly posed as a contractor to steal thousands.

“Mr. Alexander is still out there. We are actively seeking his location and we need the public’s help in helping us try to locate him,” St. Charles County Prosecutor Joe McCulloch said.“(The investigation) absolutely is intensifying, we’ve come up with a couple more victims that have reported that they’ve been scammed out of money.”

Two new charges, filed just this week, accuse Alexander of taking $8,000 to build a garage in 2022. O’Fallon, Mo., police investigators say he cashed the check and did no work. Another charge accuses him of taking $5,000 in cash for flooring that was never delivered.

FOX 2 talked to several different victims this past March, including Debbra Arndt, who told us, “He would text me, ‘Well, there’s things going on right now,’ or they don’t have the supplies in, and I went to the place he said he ordered the supplies and they said they’d never heard of him.”

Peggy Hrnicek added in March, “He’s charming enough and he says the right things to convince you he can get the job done.”

Court documents say there are “countless cases wherein he stole approximately $65,000 from victims under the same scheme.”

Like Kathy McBee, whom we interviewed Friday.

“He actually got us two weeks after they let him out of jail on probation.” she said. “He seemed like a great guy, and he sucks you in because you see him working at somebody else’s house but he’s not actually doing the work.”

We checked the suspect’s last known address on Morgan Street in St. Charles, where a homeowner back in March told us Alexander was renting a room from him and that he believed he skipped town. Today, neighbors told me they haven’t seen him since.

“My biggest fear is that he’s moved to another state where nobody knows him and he’s just starting it all over,” McBee commented.

Prosecutor McCulloch added, “I implore the people out there that are hiring people to do their due diligence and check into the background of individuals they’re thinking about hiring.”