PACIFIC, Mo. – People in Pacific, Missouri are feeling the impact of recent storms as a significant sewer collapse occurred.

The complex and hazardous situation occurred on Integram Drive as a gaping hole came along the side of the road, measuring about 20 feet wide and 10 feet deep. One lane of the road is currently closed.

The area is just about a quarter mile south of Interstate 44 and near Pacific High School.

Crews say the initial collapse happened under the hill during heavy storms a week before and it was under investigation for repairs when more heavy rain hit on Monday and Tuesday.

The result was a small landslide, causing the hill to cave into a 90-inch sewer drain below.

The sewer collapsing forced water up onto Integram Drive, creating a rush of water that the existing drain system could not handle. The soil around the drain was washed away.

Emergency management officials say engineers are expected to inspect the road on Wednesday to assess the damage and determine what repairs are necessary.