ST. LOUIS – A judge has ruled that Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey cannot access private health records sought as his office investigates Washington University’s transgender center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

According to Missouri court records, the ruling came on July 3 and stated “non-consenting patients’ health records are not required for the Attorney General to carry out its duties” under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.

Bailey initially launched an investigation into the Washington University Pediatric Transgender Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital last year. A whistleblower accuses the center of using experimental drugs on children, distributing puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones, and giving children life-altering drugs without parental consent.

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Bailey filed a lawsuit in efforts to obtain hospital records on any prescriptions for hormone blockers as well as surgeries for transgender patients.

The aforementioned ruling, from St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Joseph Whyte, denies Bailey from the records. The ruling indicates such records are legally protected and cannot be disclosed.

Washington University has previously contended that the transgender center has followed “appropriate policies and procedures” amid the investigation and claims there is no evidence of misconduct.