KANSAS CITY, Mo — The TV show Snapped is airing a special 20th-anniversary premiere Sunday, starting season 33. The two-hour special will focus on a crime involving Jerry Cassaday, a Missouri native who was manipulated by his internet girlfriend, Sharee Paulette Kitley Miller, into traveling to Michigan to murder her husband, Bruce Miller.

Sharee spun a web of lies about Bruce being abusive, even though he wasn’t. She met Cassaday in an online chatroom while still married to Bruce, and they engaged in an affair. Sharee convinced Cassaday that Bruce was involved in organized crime and that her life was in danger, persuading him to kill Bruce.

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Bruce was a 47-year-old who owned a business in Flint, Michigan. Despite concerns from friends about Sharee’s financial habits, Bruce thought she was the perfect wife. Sharee used her cosmetics company as a front to meet Cassaday during her supposed “work trips”. She falsely claimed to Cassaday that Bruce was abusive and had caused her miscarriage, although she was never pregnant.

In November 1999, someone murdered Bruce. Sharee had ended her relationship with Cassaday by December and started a new one. A year later, Cassaday died, leaving a note and a briefcase containing evidence and a confession about Bruce’s murder, accusing Sharee of plotting the crime.

The Snapped special will dive into the case, featuring new information. It airs on Sunday, May 12, at 6/5c on Oxygen True Crime. For more information about Sharee Miller, check out this link.