MISSOURI – With the summer driving season underway and fewer drivers on Missouri roads, drivers may see a dip in gas prices across the state.

The statewide gas price average in Missouri is currently $3.12 for a gallon of unleaded fuel, which is four cents less compared to this day last week, according to the AAA Missouri Weekend Gas Watch.

This price is also six cents less per gallon compared to this day last year. Compared to other states, Missouri ranks eighth for the lowest gas price average in the country, according to AAA Gas Prices.

“Missouri drivers are seeing year-over-year savings at the pump, good news for those planning summer road trips,” Nick Chabarria, an AAA spokesperson, said. “If crude continues to fall, motorists could see pump prices drop lower just as we enter the peak summer driving season.”

Today’s average in St. Louis City is $3.30 per gallon, while in St. Louis County it is $3.29, and in St. Charles County, it comes in at $3.24.

The highest recorded average price in Missouri was around this time two years ago, on June 16, 2022, when the average gas price per gallon was $4.68. In St. Louis, the highest recorded average price was $4.88 per gallon on June 14, 2022.

In Illinois, the current average is $3.86 per gallon, which is a 74-cent difference compared to the Missouri average gas price. Illinois has seen one of the largest changes in gas prices, with a 13-cent drop in price, according to AAA Gas Prices.

In East St. Louis, the current average is $3.67 per gallon. The highest recorded average price for regular unleaded was on June 14, 2022, when it was $5.18.

The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $3.49, which is eight cents less than last week.