MISSOURI – With school out for the summer and warmer temperatures building, kids will likely be setting up lemonade stands to combat boredom and even make some extra cash. Some may wonder whether a food permit is required to put up a lemonade stand for the public.

While requirements may differ between state counties, throughout the state of Missouri, food permits are not required to have a lemonade stand.

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In the City of St. Louis, a “Specialty Food Temporary Permit” may be required if selling lemonade at a public event. This permit is required for lower-risk foods such as popcorn, shaved ice or snow cones, and lemonade.

Missouri and Illinois are among only 14 states in the country that allow lemonade stands without food permits.

If a lemonade stand is able to make a profit, paying taxes may be an issue to keep in mind. That can be done either individually or on an adult’s tax return.