MASON, Ohio – Three Missouri men were on the “Banshee” roller coaster when it struck a 38-year-old man on Wednesday at King Island in Ohio.

According to WCPO, the victim was hit after entering the restricted area around 8 p.m. Mason police said the man was allegedly trying to retrieve his keys.

Christian Yonkus, Ethan Fox and Braden Vogel were visiting the park from Missouri and described the scene to FOX 19 NOW as “crazy.” Yonkus said that they sat on the coaster for 20 to 25 minutes.

“The workers were coming up to see how we were doing,” Yonkus said. “We had no idea what was going on, so that was kind of crazy.”

Vogel said they were hearing sirens and that police and fire crews were in the parking lot.

“(They) were going toward the back of the ride (with) a bunch of security,” Vogel said. “The supervisors that came out to unlock us and get us off the ride. We asked what happened and they wouldn’t say anything.”

Fox said the staff at King’s Island handled the incident professionally.

“Workers at Kings Island did a very good job of controlling the situation,” Fox said. “Especially after an incident like that. They made sure not to create a panic between all of the passengers.”

The Mason Fire Department took the victim to West Chester Hospital, where he was later flown by helicopter to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. The police say he suffered from a critical injury.

According to King Island’s website, the “Banshee” is the world’s largest steel-inverted roller coaster, measuring 167 feet tall. The ride travels at a top speed of 68 mph and is 4,124 long.