ST. LOUIS – MoDOT is spending more than $100 million on redoing St. Louis area sidewalks on major state roads.

The federal government directed local transportation districts, like MoDOT, to make changes in 1990 when the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed. So far, MoDOT has spent $53 million, which is only about half of the finished job, with another $55 million left of projects to complete.

80% of the money is federal dollars, with 20% coming from the state.

MoDOT St. Louis District Engineer Tom Blair listed some of the projects, which include creating the right slopes for wheelchairs, changing color and materials for those who are visually impaired, creating textured domes along sidewalks for those who use a cane, and more.

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“We need to make our government services accessible and this is part of making sidewalks along our transportation corridors accessible to those with disabilities that also pay taxes and are Americans—they have rights,” Blair said.

Aimee Wehmeir, president and CEO of Paraquad, agrees. The company advocates for those who are disabled, including herself.

“I think (the sidewalks) are incredible…the crosswalks are great, the curb cuts are great. I think it’s incredible,” she said. “The sidewalks don’t just benefit people with disabilities; they benefit everyone. I can easily pass a person, a stroller, a family with children; it makes it accessible for everyone.”

MoDOT is nearly halfway through the sidewalk work, with the anticipated completion date to be by the end of 2027.